Key Features*
  • Build powerful workflows with connectr designer
  • Integrate and customize with the axle ai management software
  • Deploy solutions on premise and in the cloud
  • No need to write code
  • Multi-platform support
  • Project-based
  • Powerful scripting via JavaScript and Shell Script
  • HTML5 compatible canvas rendering
  • Plug-in engine
  • Complex workflows can be packaged and reused as subworkflows
  • Optional background daemon
  • Optional MOS Newsroom integration
Use Cases*
  • Router/switcher control (Nevion, Kumo, Atem, …)
  • Encoding and transcoding
  • Ingest and playout control + monitoring
  • General monitoring and failover
  • Automation of filesystem tasks (copying, backup, folder synchronization, …)
  • Database processing (SQL, Cassandra, axle, …)
  • Data processing for realtime graphics
  • Smart automation & flexible middleware
  • Metadata extraction
  • Rapid prototyping & complex system abstraction
  • Statisticalization

* Features and use cases listed here are subject to change. Not all features listed here are included in version 1.x of connectr designer. Features may be optional or have to be unlocked separately.

Connectr UI

Sophisticated Workflow Editing

Create and edit your workflows visually. Units are like building blocks and can be moved via simple drag & drop. Connecting units, editing parameters and organizing your workflows has never been easier.

Control The Flow

connectr is based on a sequential flow-of-control-model, where execution order can be guaranteed and where data is delivered to units in a well-defined and controlled manner.

Instead of pushing data around and initiating execution, units execute in an exactly defined sequence, receiving and transmitting data from units and ports whenever required.



Work At Your Own Pace

Ever had the chance to debug or trace large workflows? connectr designer takes the effort out of this. The flow of data can be visualized and your workflows can be traced step-by-step at your own speed.

Performance Matters

connectr’s workflow profiler visualizes the workflow and unit performance. Execution speed and memory consumption are profiled and visualized graphically. Each unit or your workflow is represented in either execution time or memory consumption.



Feeling the Urge to Code?

connectr’s JavaScript unit can be used to write and execute JavaScript. Data is transmitted by declaring input- and output-ports, project-wide variables can be directly accessed.

The JavaScript unit uses the connectr code editor which supports common features of code editors found in industry-standard IDEs.

UTF-16 Out of the Box

connectr’s user Interface displays a wide range of international characters.